What’s My Red Sneakers Story?

My Red Sneakers is about three things. First, it’s about humans. Second, it’s about ethics as people learn to live, work, and play in the information and digital age. And third, it’s about technology. Well, there’s a fourth; it’s also about how to do social good in a brave new world many of us struggle to learn.

I spent my time doing immense amounts of content strategy and writing for business and personal brands for nearly a decade. In short, I found it a privilege, and the reason is simple. It allowed me the chance to become a super nerd. That’s what I always was, and I realized that I loved learning and translating things into easy to understand digital content. And now I’m also doing it for myself with My Red Sneakers.ith My Red Sneakers.

Shifting to Humans, Ethics and Technology

In short, I don’t consider myself a techie, but I’m fascinated by the digital age. Therefore, I think of myself more as a curious explorer through My Red Sneakers and other platforms. And during this time of immense disruption, I realize humans have to drive the change. In other words, we can’t be afraid of technology. Instead, we have to embrace it—intentionally.

So, on My Red Sneakers, you’ll find content related to humans, ethics, and technology. However, it’s going to come through the lens of someone who considers herself a humanist. In college, I studied English as my major. In short, I ran as far away from the techie that was my dad. (We lived in a place at one time with mainframe computers, raised floors for snaking wires, and the whir of hardware). Yes, I’m a bit old school. But if I can embrace tech—intentionally—anyone can do it!

Why My Red Sneakers?

My Red Sneakers is called such because, well, I wear red sneakers. Red has been my favorite color since—forever. It also represents, to me, stepping into your space—boldly. And as humans learn to partner with artificial intelligence and tech for home, work, and play, the only way to embrace it is to be venture forth. The changes happening allows you to ride the wave or run from it. I choose to go with it.

So, I hope you enjoy this space and that you’ll find valuable insights. All in all, we all need to buckle up because the coming years will be unlike anything we’ve experienced. I’m looking forward to exploring it. Moreover, I’m looking for ways humans can lean into our humanity and creativity to co-exist with tech. And, of course, if we could expand on social good, all the better. Join the Philanthropy Network if that’s something of interest to you, and check out my channel on that platform.

That’s the story of My Red Sneakers. I hope if you happen to visit that you find something for you.